• It’s on-line training: you save on the inconvenience of travel, you are able to participate in French classes from your home or workplace. Comfortably seated in front of your computer.
  • No need to book a meeting room: everything takes place in your own office, wherever that may be.


  • Two clicks is all that’s needed to reach your French Coach.
  • The only tools that you will need: a web cam, a headset equipped with a microphone and an internet connection.
  • Easy to organise, at a time and day convenient to you
  • See how the remote connection works


  • It’s a completely individual French course: your French Coach continuously adapts the class to your level,
  • The content of the course is always personalised, tailor-made (no more “one-size-fits-all” lessons),
  • The classes are adapted to be topical to you, your role and your profession.
A French coach just for you. With shared screen. Free trial