French Coach was created by Script, a company established in 18984 in Brussels, the Capital of Europe. To date, the company has provided several thousands of hours of French lessons.

The approach of Jean-Paul Mathelot, the company’s founder, journalist and publicist:

  • You learn French, to be able to speak and write
  • French as used in the world of business.

What ?

French Coach.BIZ these are courses during which you always benefit from a private French Coach. In all cases, and at all times, you benefit from a French Coach there just for you. Individual. Personal. Private. Specialised in the world of business.

How ?

FrenchCoach.BIZ listens and takes into account your specific needs – guiding you in a personalised way. Thanks to FrenchCoach.BIZ:

  • you see and speak to your French Coach, while remaining in your own office,
  • you discuss on-line (via the internet) and share all software applications,
  • you have constant access to all the resources of FrenchCoach.BIZ. Combined efficiency!

When ?

French Coach.BIZ organises your lessons according to your wishes: it’s not a question of you adapting to the lesson. The lessons are adapted to you. You choose. Flexibility is paramount.

Where ?

The classes take place wherever you are: in Hong Kong, Madrid, London…or simply in your office, at home. And always at the pace you want them.

How much ?

To request a bespoke course, please click on FREE TRIAL. During this trial, we will work out your exact needs and level. We will also assess your professional environment. A tailored offer will then be sent you.
A French coach just for you. With shared screen. Free trial